CallNumber plugin not working

Trying to get the CallNumber plugin working to add phone capability to my app.
Have installed the plugin from here:
ionic plugin add call-number
and I import {CallNumber} from ionic-native.

and then in my class I have:

CallNumber.callNumber(“321”, true)
.then(() => console.log(‘Launched dialer!’))
.catch(() => console.log(‘Error launching dialer’));

Testing through Ionic View, nothing happens when running that function from a button click on iOS or Android.

This doesnt seem to be a widespread issue, so Im clearly missing something.
Does native phone dialling functionality just not work thru ionic view perhaps?
Actually, thinking it through, the Cordova SMS plugin isnt working either… so maybe I should be manually adding permissions somewhere? I thought the plugin installation handled the permissions, but maybe not.

Confused now! any advice please!

If you are testing on iOS, try to remove and re-add the platform

To help anyone else who comes across this… I was just running my app in Ionic View, and it turns out that some (not all) of the native plugins dont work when run thru ionic view. I just built a full apk and ran it on a test device, and the call/sms plugins are working!

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it doesnt work on browser