Use capacitor-google-auth in Cordova project

I’m using Cordova in my project but I want to use capacitor-google-auth plugin to Google Sign In.

I follow this tutorial
GitHub - CodetrixStudio/CapacitorGoogleAuth: Capacitor plugin for Google Auth. Lightweight & no dependencies.

I added GoogleService-Info.plist file and wrote inside

    "appId": "",
    "appName": "project",
    "plugins": {
        "GoogleAuth": {
        "scopes": ["profile","email"],
        "serverClientId": "",
        "forceCodeForRefreshToken": true

I also download 0Auth client ID plist file from Google Cloud but there is no path App / App to put that file.
My target folder looks like this

Screenshot 2024-04-03 at 12.02.37 PM

How can I make these things work?

Someone can correct me, but I don’t think you can use a Capacitor plugin in Cordova. You can use most Cordova plugins in a Capacitor project.

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Well, technically you can use Capacitor plugins in Cordova apps by using this plugin

But it’s not as simple as that, the Capacitor plugin needs some changes for being able to be used in Cordova apps.


Thank you for your reply
Is there any Cordova plugin for Google Sign-In that supports the latest version of Xcode?
Previously I used Google+ but this plugin stop supported!