URLs to navigate first click


I have some Links in my web app. When I load my web app in the browser and click on the link I got this error:

invalid page component: undefined main.js:33639:5

When I click on an Image, what is calling a navctrl.push command, and then go back to the main page and click on the link, the link works like a charm.

So what can I do that the link works after loading my web app?

You can try it here.

I think you are passing the wrong page component or you have a problem with deep links ?

But I don’t undestand why the link works after the first call of navctr.push() Funktion.

I would just wrap the whole block with a click event or use the same method you use for the image. I don`t have much experience with the deep links.

After updateing ionic i got this error


I found this work around here.

This problem seems to have an easy fix. I’m using it without problems:
Go to your-project/node_modules/ionic-angular/navigation and open deep-linker.js
Then search for nav.push(segment.component.
In version 3.1.1 this is on line 428.
Modify this line:
nav.push(segment.component, segment.data, {
… so it will look like this:
nav.push(segment.component || segment.name, segment.data, {

Works for me at the Moment.