Numerous issues with deep linking including "Uncaught (in promise): invalid views to insert"

I haven’t been able to find 2 places that give the same information on how to perform Ionic Deep Linking.
And I haven’t been able to find a single place that gives current and working information for Ionic 3+.

I started off trying @IonicPage.
That led me to a long chain of issues that I was unable to resolve.
I got an error saying my pages were loaded twice, so I gave the pages individual modules.
Then my pages weren’t able to access my Components.
So I required my Components in my Page Modules.
That led to a Components being loaded twice error.
So I tried using Ionic’s ComponentsModule instead and then my Components couldn’t access Ionic Components.

At that point, I stepped back for a few days, did some more research and tried to bypass that noise by adding DeepLinker configuration to my AppModule instead.

And now I’m getting:

Uncaught (in promise): invalid views to insert

This has been asked before but didn’t seem resolved.
The person who asked was using anchor tags and was told to remove them.
I don’t have any anchor tags in my app and am still seeing this error.

The thing is, if I close the error, the page I wanted is there.
I can then click through all the pages and the URL is updated appropriately.
I can also manually enter a page and it will navigate to it.
But as soon as I reload the page entirely I get the error screen again.

Here is my DeepLinker config:

      { links: [
        { component: HomePage, name: 'Home', segment: 'home' },
        { component: LocationsPage, name: 'Locations', segment: 'locations' },
        { component: AboutPage, name: 'About', segment: 'about' },
        { component: PricingPage, name: 'Pricing', segment: 'pricing' },
        { component: ContactUsPage, name: 'Contact', segment: 'contact' },