Upload Multiple Images to Firebase Storage And GetDownload URL

Im Using Ionic Image Picker(Native) to Get Multiple Images to an array.in array file look like this


My ionic Image Picker Code is Here

let option = {
  title:"Selec Your Images",
  message:'You can only select 5 Images',
this.imgPicker.getPictures(option).then((results) => {

for(let i=0; i < results.length;i++){
 },(err)=> {
  console.log("Get Image faild");

I Use This Method To Upload File and Get the Download URL But it Didn’t Work.Even File Not Uploaded To The Firabase Storage.

 if(this.images.length > 0){
    for (var i=0; i<this.images.length; i++) {
       firebase.storage().ref('/images').putString(this.images[i], 'data_url',{contentType: 'image/jpg'}).then((data)=>{
       console.log( 'this is download url '+this.userPost.photos[i]);

Im Stuck In This Problem Long Time.

I have exactly the same issue did you manage to resolve this?

Hello :slight_smile:

Your code is neat, i use a kind of same function but only locally on the smartphone, with an automated backup on cloud.

Beware that this.images.length may not be an array and as a result, can crash your script.

Also, this.imgPicker refers to something quite ugly in terms of UX, I mean the old HTML select, i hope you’re not coding upon this :D.

Have fun with Ionic ;:slight_smile: