Upload multiple files with ngcordova file transfer

hi every one.
i’m working on a project where people can click on 5(or more) different buttons to select image from library (or camera of course) for each of them.
i want to upload each image immediately after selecting(or capturing) using ngcordova file transfer plugin and show some feedback for the result of each upload after it finished, therefore i need to use success and error callback for each one of my file transfer calls.
the problem is file transfer plugin can only process one upload at a time and if i start to upload a new image before the first upload completes, first upload will get an error and second upload starts. but if i start the second upload after finishing the first upload there will be no problem.

i know i can use $q.all but in that case i will be missing success and error for each promise. how can i solve this problem?

thanks a lot.

is there anyone to help me??

Hi patterenuslogic ?

Did you find any solution on this issue? because i encountering this issue too.