Multiple file uploads in one request

Hello all,

I was able to upload my audio file using cordova file transfer plugin but I want to upload multiple file uploads within one request. Then I saw this guy doing chain requests for uploading/downloading. But I guess this is not exactly what I want. Chaining multiple cordova filetransfer. I just wants to upload multiple files at one go.

How could I achieve that in Ionic?

Below is my current code.

  console.log("URI: " + audioURI);
  var options = new FileUploadOptions();
  options.fileKey= "record";
  options.chunkedMode = false;
  //options.filename = AUDIO_FILENAME;
  options.headers = {
    Connection: "close"
  var ft = new FileTransfer();
  ft.upload(audioURI, encodeURI(uploadURI), win, fail, options);

have you taken a look at this discussion?:

One solution is written in coffeescript but the idea is thereā€¦

follow up on this? any updates?