Upload images from PC on ionic PWA

I’m developing a pwa where I have the feature that allow the user to upload an image on firebase from the pc.
I’ve searched on google and on this forum but I didn’t find any useful information.

Someone can tell me if this is possibile?

Thank you so much

i think it will simply work using input type “file”.<input type="file" />

Thank you, I’ll try.
But one thing, why in camera doc there is browser in the supported platforms but don’t work?

if you want to use Native plugin in browser then you have to add cordova.js script in index html.

there are many plugin in ionic documentation which support browser and i try many plugin but didn’t found any of them work properly in browser.:face_with_raised_eyebrow:
there is no documentation how to use that browser supported plugin in ionic so we don’t know the correct way to use native plugin in browser :sweat_smile:

I understand, so it’s seems tricky to upload images from a pwa :S

I used an input element whose type is file. It works great.

I believe that’s because there is no native camera to utilize. You need to mock it: https://ionicframework.com/docs/v3/native/browser.html (replying to your post as to why it says Broswer is supported on the native Camera docs).

In your case, however, the html input is what you want (with a handler)… not the camera plugin for mobile apps.

i used that, but if i want send the info at object json how i send it? thanks