Upload image to database using file_uri

I have post(upload) image to given database using file URI not data_url because it takes too much memory but I don’t know how to upload please help me with the code.

     const options: CameraOptions = {
	   quality: 100,
	   sourceType: this.camera.PictureSourceType.SAVEDPHOTOALBUM,
	   destinationType: this.camera.DestinationType.FILE_URI

     this.camera.getPicture(options).then((imageData) => {
	 this.success = 'getting image is successful';
	 this.Image = imageData;
     }, (err) => {
	  this.err = err;

In your code above, you are just trying to get the image to upload, but you did not add the post request to upload. Please post your full code, so people can help you

i dont know how to upload to database.i dont know the code only

I have written detailed answer to your question on Stackoverflow , please follow below link:

For git hub repo refer below link: