I'm not able to Upload Image using ionic native Camera

I’m capture Image using ionic native camera and show image on UI but not able to upload base64 image on server (Post Api).

this my code.

captureImage() {
const options: CameraOptions = {
quality: 70,
destinationType: this.camera.DestinationType.DATA_URL,
encodingType: this.camera.EncodingType.JPEG,
mediaType: this.camera.MediaType.PICTURE,
// saveToPhotoAlbum: true,
this.camera.getPicture(options).then((imageData) => {
console.log(‘api =>’, imageData);
this.selectedFile = “data:image/jpeg;base64,” + imageData;
}, (err) => {
console.log('ERROR → ', (err));

save() {
const postData = new FormData();
for (let i = 0; i < this.selectedFile.length; i++) {
postData.append(‘file’, this.selectedFile[i]);
this.http.post(this.url, postData).subscribe(async resimage => {
const toast = await this.tostController.create({
message: ‘Almost done! Your product will be shown shortly after approval.’,
color: ‘success’,
position: ‘middle’,
duration: 3000

Do you see any errors?

there is no error . please help if possible :pray::pray:

okay I’ll improve next time :+1:

if you have any solution so please tell me how to upload image (Data_Url) base64 string on server using camera in ionic angular