Upload camera file and normal json data in the same post


I have a function that upload a file to the server and then upload normal json data.

here is my code:

$scope.sendPost = function() {

    //normall data
    var postData = {
      name: shareData.returnData()[0].title,
      content: shareData.returnData()[0].content,
      category1: category1,
      category2: category2,
      category3: category3,
      category4: category4,
      category5: category5,
    //upload image post
    var options = {};
    $cordovaFile.uploadFile('', shareData.returnData()[0].image, options).then(function(result) {
      postService.sendData("", postData); //after the file upload
    }, function(err) {
      // Error
    }, function (progress) {
      // constant progress updates


this code works but since i need to synth between the file and the data i cannot send them one by one. how can i send data + cordova camera file to the server in one go?


need help with this people…


If you look at the documentation for the cordova file transfer plugin (for which this is a wrapper), you’ll see that you can send additional values in the options parameter.


You can send meta data along with the file bu using the “params” option.
This data will can be retrieved in request.POST on the server end.