Upgrading from beta 7 to 8 and getting a white screen

I am in the process of upgrading my application from Ionic beta 6 to beta 11, one version at a time. I am in the process of moving from beta 7, which was easy to upgrade to, to beta 8. I have followed the upgrade path provided in the changelog, but an now only greeted by a white screen when I load the application and now errors.

It appears that the application is loading the Components properly, because my ionViewDidEnter function on the first page of the application is firing properly. My app.ts, attached, also seems like it’s in good shape after changing it to a component. Any insight?

    import {Platform, Storage, LocalStorage, ionicBootstrap} from 'ionic-angular';
    import {Component} from '@angular/core';
    import {StatusBar} from 'ionic-native';
    import {TabsPage} from './pages/tabs/tabs';
    import {RouteConfig} from '@angular/router-deprecated';
    import {IntroPage} from './pages/intro/intro';
    import {DataPersistence} from './services/dataPersistence.service';
    import 'rxjs/Rx';

      template: '<ion-nav [root]="root"></ion-nav>',
      {path: '/', component: IntroPage, as: 'Intro'}

    export class AppComponent {

      public rootPage: any = TabsPage;
      public platform: any;
      public local: any;
      public root: any;

      constructor(platform: Platform) {
        this.platform = platform;
        this.local = new Storage(LocalStorage);
        this.local.set('introShown', true);
        this.root = IntroPage;

       platform.ready().then(() => {

    ionicBootstrap(AppComponent, [
      ], {
        backButtonText: 'Back',
        backButtonIcon: 'ios-arrow-back',
        iconMode: 'md',
        tabSubPages: false,
        modalEnter: 'modal-slide-in',
        modalLeave: 'modal-slide-out',
        tabbarPlacement: 'bottom',
        pageTransition: 'ios',

Could you provide more details, e.g. the output of ionic info? I would also recommend you to delete the node_modules folder in your project directory and then do npm install. Before that, I would recommend you to check if you’ve updated your dependencies correctly by checking the diff between beta.7 and beta.8 (see Files changed → package.json) in the ionic2-app-base repo.