Updating WebView component in Android Studio emulator

In development, I use Android Studio virtual device emulator. Currently, I use Android Q - Api 29, Google APIs version of Android system. I have noticed that it has installed WebView v74, while current version is 113 or so.

That means the virtual device use few years old WebView component. Users of my app use much more current version of WebView and I wonder whether this could cause any issues.

The only way I was able to get WebView updated is to use Google Play version of Android images. This, however, is being discouraged in this documentation: WebView docs (go/webview-docs) - Device Setup for WebView development

Such devices are much larger in terms of disk size occupied (2-3 GB on Google APIs images vs. 12-13GB on Google Play images). And they require Google Account to be able to update WebView using Google Play store.

Does anyone know of a way how to get updated WebView component on virtual devices using Google APIs images of Android?

Should I even wonder about the version of WebView? I am just worried whether the behavior I expect on development device will not be different from the experience of my users.

Currently, I am on the last version of Ionic 6 with Angular 13.3.