Updating ng repeat after sorting the array it uses

[Edit please delete, I managed to fix it somehow weird]

I am not adding or removing items I just want to sort my list

originally I’m using ionic.Utils.arrayMove to do this but it still doesn’t work

What I want would be to sort an array after click an element, even after doing the sorting it seems that the ng repeat doesn’t refresh, I’ve also tried emptying the array first then adding the sorted arrray to no avail,

there is a codepen atttached wherein the array does get sorted but the list isn’t getting sorted

I really want to sort the items in the list

See the Pen angular ng-repeat by Franz Ysrael Roleda (@GistCode) on CodePen.


Try to use orderBy https://docs.angularjs.org/api/ng/filter/orderBy

seems to be an issue with angular materials