Reordering in collection repeat


Hello All,
I need to apply reordering of items in collection repeat, is it possible.
just as below in the list :

Any codepen is really helpful.



Hi @mhartington @andy I am also facing the same issue.Reordering is working with ng-repeat but when i am doing same thing using collection repeat than its not working.

here is the link which is working with the ng-repeat

and same thing with collection repeat which is not working

Can you please tell me how it will possible.

Thanks in advance


@mhartington @andy can you please help me in this problem.I have to do reordering using collection-repeat. Any alternative or solution would be helpful for me.

Thanks in advance


Hey guys, sorry for not getting back to you, I was on vacation.

So for re-ordering with collection repeat…
It doesn’t seem possible right now with the current implementation…

My suggestion would be to use ion-infinite scroll and ng-repeat instead.


Thanks @mhartington for your update, want to know when can we expect this to get fixed. We need to implement it and we are not getting way to implement it.



Well you can always open an issue for this feature on our github page.


@mhartington i have implemented ion-infinite scroll and ng-repeat together but for reordering it is necessary to use ion-content.
so when we use ion-infinite scroll and ion-content together they doesn’t work properly, can you suggest me any demo in which you have implemented ion-infinite scroll and ion-content (for reordering) together.



I use collection-repeat with ion-infinite-scroll on an array that needs to be ordered. I just filter the array in the controller when needed, prior to handing it off to the view:

sortedArr = $filter('orderBy')(toBeSortedArr, ['weight', 'name']);


Thanks @thechrisroberts for your quick response but i have to use ion-infinite-scroll with ng-repeat, can you post your code in codepen and provide the link.


Hey Ionic Team i really need to implement reordering in my collection-repeat list, please provide the solution for this.

@mhartington @andy


So its still not fixed, but the issue is open for it and a codepen has been provided.


Hi Ionic team, is it possible to ‘order’ a collection-repeat now , and if yes, how so ?
(the last provided link by @mhartington seems to be a related bug, but I don’t see the solution in it).