Updating Ionic PWAs and best practices

Hi there! I am a very beginner web developer - more of a UI designer - who hired an angular dev to build a mobile version (SPA - PWA) of my web app. We chose Ionic for the flexibility of potentially moving to native builds in the future.

My PWA is built and is looking awesome and working perfectly BUT the site was designed to have a few small parts be updated regularly with new content. Specifically - a section with a list of scrollable cards containing video links/titles/descriptions that I will need to reorder, update, delete, etc. as needed to publish new content, and perhaps occasionally insert cards with pictures, text, or advertisements.

I (foolishly?) expected that once the PWA was compiled I could easily tinker with the code to make these changes like I do on the desktop version of my web app.

But it seems that the Ionic PWA code is much more complex than I expected after compiling - and my dev has recommended making all changes in the ionic environment and then recompiling - which seems like a waste since I will only need to change a few small pieces at a time.

Is this the best way to update content on ionic PWAs? Will someone with almost no JS experience be able to make these kinds of changes within the ionic framework to an already constructed app?

Thanks in advance, and although it is clearly over my head, I love the end result!!!

Work on the source code, run one command on the command line to get the new “compiled” version. Everything else will not only fail, but make maintenance and continued development impossible.

How hard this is depends on how your developer structured the app. If he had these changes in mind, it should be as easy as editing a JSON file.

Thanks so much for the response.

The section I need to edit is located in /src/pages/ but contains only a html, ts, module ts, and scss file. Could you possibly explain - very roughly so I can pass it on as a request to my dev - how he might use a JSON file to make my life easier? Or what I should be asking for?

Sorry for the noob questions!

He should explain to you how to make these changes. Depending on the implementation details this can be just altering the values of a JSON array inside the .ts file, but depending on what and how you actually want to change this could also require a lot of work. “Stuff has to be easily changed” should have been one of the requirements to the project…

Haha i know, i know. Thanks for the help!!! That gives me something to go on. Also, I need to learn JS.