Ionic pwa not updating new content



I have a simple ionic PWA that is working perfectly. Most of my site is static, however one tab/page is an ion list that I have populated with various cards containing html text, images, etc. I want to update this content regularly. My current process is to make changes to src/pages, build new www folder, publish to website. However, I am noticing that the live site is not displaying new content quickly. I must delete the site data/cache on android or in dev tools to get updates promptly.

What are my options here? I would like users to get the new data immediately after publishing. I have tried removing the main.js and pollyfill.js from the self.toolbox.precache in the service worker. That seemed to help w dev tools, but my android device (with the pwa saved to homepage) still does not get timely updates. Is there anything I can do in my .html or .ts file to make sure this happens? I would prefer to let the service worker precache everything and let the site fetch http data on page load/refresh.

thanks and sorry for the noob questions!!


Does this help?


yes, thank you!!! that is exactly what I needed.