Updating Ionic 2 RC4 to the latest


Now that Ionic 2 is finally released, what’s the best way to update my currently installed Ionic 2 RC4?

Can I just run “npm install -g ionic” and that will just overwrite on my Ionic 2 RC4? Or I have first uninstall my currently installed RC4 version and then install Ionic 2 newly (that is, “npm uninstall -g ionic” and then do “npm install -g ionic”)?



If you get an error that mentions “rename” when upgrading, then yes on uninstall/reinstall. You should also read the changelog entry for RC5; there are some other things you must change (mostly deps in package.json).


Thanks @rapropos! That’s exactly what I was getting.

Doing uninstall and install now. Did go through RC5 changelog, glad you told me to. Thanks!

Do I need to uninstall and install Cordova too?



Where’s the change-log for RC5?


Over here https://github.com/driftyco/ionic/blob/master/CHANGELOG.md


Thank you for the link!


If you run into further problems, that was part of the definitive workaround for that “rename” issue. I forget the bug number.


Yep, I did. :slight_smile: Thanks!