Updating according to package.json

My team mate updated his node.js, got ionic 2.0.0 and changed the package.json as well. After that I pulled what he have done. But it did not work on my side my ionic was rc2.

I updated node.js to 6.X on my Mac and updated the ionic to 2.0.0 as well, it did not work. But I think I need to update the dependencies according to the new package.json that my team mate created.
Is there a command to update my project according to the new package.json or should I check and update the dependencies one by one ?

Deleting node_modules and running npm install should do the job.

I solved the issue by installing the missing modules in node_modules. I did npm install before that but did not work for me. I deleted node_modules folder and runned this command again and still was not working.