Ionic 3 - updating global ionic package


Hi guys! It’s been a while since my last question here. I’ve eard a few days ago about ionic 3 release so I’m trying to update to it. I see at the github rewpo that in order to change the ionic version ona project we need to change a couple of things over the config files such as package.json, but how do we update the globally installed ionic package? I’m on version 2.2.1, but when I look at npm for the list of available versions I donb’t see any final v3 versions, they only reach up to 3.0.0 beta-7-alpha versions. Is there anything that I’m missing? Did the package name change such as with angular cli?


The CLI is not the same thing as the framework. You do not want the beta CLI v3. Just update the “ionic-angular” version in your package.json.


They should pin a “How to update to Ionic 3.0” post in the forum…
This question comes too often these days.