Update version, best practice


We currently have an app running on Ionic v5 (React) and Capacitor v2.
We would need to update it to Ionic v6 et Capacitor v4 (whenever out).

What would be the recommended way to do this?

Thank you in advance.

what I’ve done is:

  1. upgrading my app from vers 5 to 6

  2. disabled temporally (if present) all the datetime components, because they are a bit different and need a bit of work

  3. installed swiper instead of ion-slide

  4. tried to run the app with “ionic serve”

  5. only after this i’ve followed this tutorial for upgradint from capacitor 2 to 3
    Updating to 2.0 | Capacitor Documentation

  6. tried to run the app with “ionic serve”

  7. if everything works fine so far, just do this:
    Updating to 4.0 | Capacitor Documentation

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