Update to ionic 3.2, the ionic1 peoject cannot build


what can i do ?


For one thing, you can stop posting text as images.


I am so sorry,I just want to describe the problem more detail,sorry

  1. You upgraded to “Ionic CLI 3.2”, not “3.3” as you wrote in the topic title. I fixed this.
  2. You also seem to have a “Ionic v1” project, I fixed the category of this topic.
  3. Your Ionic v1 project is so old that it contains an ionic.project file. I think this was renamed. I think this was renamed ionic.config.json. Try renaming that file and run ionic info again.


Also after renaming the ionic.project try installing the Ionic cli plugin for ionic1. I had to do this manually previously, however the most recent Ionic CLI offered it to me.

npm install --save-dev @ionic/cli-plugin-ionic1@latest



Yep, CLI should offer that on running ionic info when the file is present - so no need to execute that line manually.