Update Loading content

Hi everybody,

is it possible to update the content of ionicLoading while its visible.

i tried to bind the content to a scope variable. But changing this var did not changed the content text.


I´ve a long running process, which fetches a lot of data from a REST service. While the process is running i m trying to send the current state via defer.notify (Angular Promise) to the current controller. On the page the Loading box is visible. Now it would be nice to present the notify message to the user


Right now there is no way to do this. When you do $ionicLoading.show you are passing in the options for the loading indicator. They are not bound to your scope; so, updating anything on the scope will not update the loading indicator.

It’s an interesting concept though and might be useful to others. If you really want it, I’d suggest opening a feature request / issue on GitHub.

Done https://github.com/driftyco/ionic/issues/699

Thanks for the fast answer