Change text in $ ionicLoading

I want to change the text of the $ionicLoading after 5 seconds
I did it but it does not change

var statusLoading = true;
$scope.TextLoading = '<span class="icon ion-looping LoadingData"></span><br />Loading data';
	// The text to display in the loading indicator
	content: $scope.TextLoading,

	// The animation to use
	animation: 'fade-in',

	// Will a dark overlay or backdrop cover the entire view
	showBackdrop: true,

	// The maximum width of the loading indicator
	// Text will be wrapped if longer than maxWidth
	maxWidth: 200,

	// The delay in showing the indicator
	showDelay: 100
			$scope.TextLoading = '<span class="icon ion-looping LoadingData"></span><br />More Moments';

Thank you!

Right now there is no way to do it. A request has been opened though.


Too bad!
Thanks anyway! :frowning: