Update App to Playstore Causes problem

Hi friends

        I have successfully created and uploaded my ionic app to Play Store. 

        After sometime I updated my application and uploaded the new apk to playstore with version number changed.
        The problem is, I am not  seeing any update button in playstore for my application. Instead of showing update button it shows uninstall and open button in playstore.
        What I need to do to display the update button in playstore?

Thanks & Advance

Well first, the update doesn’t show until 24 hours max (could have to wait just 1 hour) since the push to be available in the PlayStore.

That’s all i can think off, did you manage to make the update?

Thanks for the reply luchillo17.

We should increment versioncode and version number from AndroidManifest file.

Now I can see the update button in play store.

Did i got you in time or was i late to the party?

Btw i have another issue, my app will update but not to all my users, i see in statistics that only 30% of my users are in latest version, the other 6% are in previous or first version, and 62% are still in an outdated version (like 3 versions back), that 6 % probably doesn’t matter since some people just register but never use it again, but that 60% of users are using outdated version worries me, any idea why?

Btw i’m using Ionic 2, but this is more related to how Google Play works.

yeah…I got it before itself luchillo17.

Make sure your users are using latest version of android. If they use latest version, then they can have the update for your new app.

From my knowledge, It is based on the android sdk they are using. because, cordova 5.0 will support latest version of android sdk. I forgot the exact sdk version. Check the android SDK luchillo17…

Hope this will help you.


I have min-sdk set to api 16 which is Android 4.1.x (if i remember correctly).

How do i ensure that my users are using the latest version? after all i have been pushing updates for a while, when users have downloaded the app they had the latest version, as i pushed updates shouldn’t they have received an automatic update?

While auto-updates are enabled by default some users turn it off. The only way I can think of to try to get users to update would be to use push notifications but I would only do this if an update is urgent as it can annoy users.

The thing is i have seen users through TeamViewer QuickSupport with Auto updates active not getting the latest update.

Chech this: Google play update intervals

It seems that’s the issue, google play just wont update right away, and the less popular an app is, the less it checks for updates, the shortest interval is (or was when that analysis was made) 10 days, and that’s for apps with more than 100k+ users or downloads.