Unknown provider: $ionicHistoryProvider <- $ionicHistory is undefined

i am going to use $ionicHistoryProvider in my application but wen i am using this $ionicHistoryProvider this shows Unknown provider: $ionicHistoryProvider <- $ionicHistory is undefined

it should be $ionicHistory only…

sorry it is $ionicHistory right

can u suggest me any solution?

can you show me your code… just the part where you inject the $ionicHistory…

appp.controller(‘backcontroller’, [’$ionicHistory’, function ($ionicHistory) {
$scope.historyback = function(){

i thinik you are not closing the bracket [ can you add this ])

You don’t have to inject it explicitly.

.controller('MainCtrl', function($ionicHistory) {})

thank you i will try it

thank you thesourav i will try

after i didnt inject it explicitly also throws error
My code is

appp.controller(‘backcontroller’,function ($ionicHistory) {
$scope.back = function () {

are you sure it is appp your variable?? not app??

yes i am sure

var appp = angular.module(‘App’, [‘ionic’, ‘App.services’, ‘ngOpenFB’, ‘ngCordova’]);