$ionicHistoryProvider is missing

Hi guys, I’m working on setting root view using $ionicHistory. But it doesn’t seem to work because $ionicHistory module is missing. I’m not sure is it because it’s not being added to the beta version I’m using 1.0.0-beta.13.

Unknown provider: $ionicHistoryProvider

Any suggestion would be great.

P/S: The application I’m working is very close to the release phase so I wouldn’t want to upgrade ionic version now. But in the case the module is missing, I would do so.

Pump ! Anyone ?
I’m still stuck with this problem :frowning:

Are your seriously still on beta-13 ?
Can you paste some code on how you use $ionicHistory and if you actually import this module in controller?

Yes, I’m still on the beta 13.
Hmm, the ionicHistory component is not available on this version. I just check the source from bower.
I will update to the final version then. thanks @yurinondual for participating.