Understanding the navigation



I’m developing my first application with ionic but I have a problem with navigation.

I started creating separate parts that would use which are the following: Login, Page 1 (Has Side Menu), Page 2, Page 3 (Tabs).

I do not understand (Surely this what I’m doing wrong) is that when I want to access my page that has tabs does not work (none of the views load), my page 1 is a route ‘abstract’ also page 3.

I saw an example of how to use the side menu and tabs but when entering the tabs page ‘button to back’ is not shown, instead of this the side menu shown.

What I want is to make navigation “Login -> Page 1 -> Page 2 -> Page 3” and he can return from 3 to 2.

Thank you!


You can use NavController and push into which page you can arrive.
Ex: NavController.push(Page1)
And when you want return from 3 to 2 you can add a button and use the “navPop” directive at this button
Ex: Back
Watch video for more: https://youtu.be/e6PImZrumYo


Thx @nganngan.

I’m gonna try it, but NavController Push work for ionic 1?