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I’d like to have your opinion about a strange issue on my app.

My goal is to have a calendar, so I try to use this one (https://github.com/ChiperSoft/Kalendae) because it’s simple and there is no dependencies with other framework.

After a CSS customization it looks like that :

I have no issue when testing in localhost with ion-lab.
But with ion-view (or with real app), nothing happens when I click on an arrow or a date.

Here is my code into the controller :

.controller('CalendarCtrl', function($scope, $http) {
ionic.DomUtil.ready(function() {
        var kal = new Kalendae('agenda', {
            useYearNav: false,
            titleFormat: "MMMM YYYY",
            weekStart: 1
        kal.subscribe('change', function(date) {
            alert(date, this.getSelected());

And my view is a simple div

<ion-view ng-init="hideFooter()">
    <ion-content delegate-handle="scroller" on-scroll-complete="checkScroll()">
        <div id="CONTENT">
            <div class="article calendrier">
                <div id="agenda"></div>

In my index file, I have include the Kalendae js library before the ionic js.

Any idea about my problem?


EDIT : Adding the property data-tap-disabled resolve the issue but of course the scroll is not working anymore (and I need it). In my opinion there is a conflict between ionic gesture event and my 3rd party library…Building an angular directive could be a solution?