Uncaught Object exception in ionic.bundle.js


I’ve written my first service, however when I am trying to bind my service and controller and run the application, I am seeing this error.

Can some one help me resolving this issue?

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You’re going to need to give us something more than that. Can you setup a CodePen sample that shows your problem?

I have the same issue. Just setup using ionic bundle js file and when creating my own module this error comes out.

I think you must miss some custom module.
I think also have think issue, but when i install a dependency module,the issue is gone.

And you can try chrome debug tool to add a breakpoint at the message line , And print to console , it will show all the error message for you.

I had this issue too and have narrowed down the problem. Yes, the root cause is probably some missing module but the problem is that the error message is not shown so it’s difficult to know what’s going on. And the cause seems to be that Chrome has a limit on the length of an error message: http://jsfiddle.net/jeremyhewett/8FE6a/

In that fiddle I get ‘Uncaught object’ and a useless call stack for the long error message and I see the actual error string for the short error message.

Some of the errors from ionic.bundle.js are extremely long!

Dittos. I’ve gotten this several times. You can set a breakpoint on the line producing that error and step through the exceptions, but that’s a pain in the rear when the error could easily be sent out to the console. This should really be fixed