Unable to toggle between Radio Button after authenticating user using MFP 8.0

I am building hybrid mobile app using Cordova 6.5, Ionic 3.1.1 and MObileFirst Foundation 8.0 (Server : and Client SDK : 8.0.2017033009). I have created a Yes/No radio button using ionic’s ion-list as follow:


<form [formGroup]="myForm" (ngSubmit)="onSubmit(myForm.value)">
      <ion-list radio-group formControlName="wsQuestion1">
          <ion-radio value="1"></ion-radio>
          <ion-radio value="0"></ion-radio>
      <button type="submit" >Submit</button>

If I navigate to this page from “Menu --> List” then I am able to toggle between Yes/No and the ration button is getting selected. But If I, enter username/password , click login, then when I reach to this page after authentication, I am not able to toggle between Ratio buttons.

I have created an app which reproduces this scenario. You can get it here.

Do the following in order to reproduce:

  1. Download, unzip, and navigate to project root directory
  2. Run npm install on command prompt
  3. Run cordova platform add on command prompt
  4. Run ionic serve on command prompt
  5. Run cordova run android
  6. When app open on the device then enter (test as username/password)
  7. You can try tapping the Yes/No button.

Here is how it looks into my device: