Ion toogle and ion radio doesn't work in a menu

Hi i have to put one toggle item and N radio items in a menu, both items are displayed correctly but i can’t interact with these, when i select toggle or radio nothing happens, no viusal changes happens and the events are not raised.
Another thing: If i put toggle or radio in ion-content, ion-header, footer (outside of menu) it works perfectly.

Here is my code:


<ion-menu side="end" menuId="first" contentId="main" class="menu-side-item">

    <ion-toolbar color="tertiary">


      <!-- I have tried with "enabled" and without "enabled" is the same-->
      <ion-item>Notificaciones<ion-toggle enabled (ionChange)="notifyChange($event)"></ion-toggle>


      <ion-radio-group (ionChange)="changedCompany($event)">

        <ion-item *ngFor="let data of dataUser.companies">
          <img src="{{data.logo}}" alt="company logo" class="logo-item">{{}}
          <ion-radio value="{{}}" >



  notifyChange(event) {
      this.notifyEnabled = event.detail.checked;



And this is how the items are displayed

Can you help me please? what am i doing wrong?


i found my problem,
before i had the menu in component.html because i wanted the menu in all the pages, but requeriments have changed and only the home page have the menu, the problem was i dont change the ID of the content in “component.html” and i had the same ID in the “home.html” content, i fix it changing the ID on my home page and the menu.