Unable to see console.log from Android emulator

Angular 16.2, Ionic 7.5, Capacitor 5.5

Logging to console (console.log , console…debug,… ) works as expected when testing app in browser but no console-logging show up in logcat in Android Studio and neither in dev tools in chrome . Logcat in Android studio show logging from Capacitor, Capacitor(AppPlugin, EGL-EMulation… ) but none of my logging.

loggingBehavior: Is set to debug in capacitor-config.ts

to build and run:
npx capacitor run android --consolelogs --serverlogs

I can’t reproduce, it’s working fine on my app. Maybe some plugin is interfering or overwriting console object.

--consolelogs --serverlogs does nothing BTW. Those are not valid params

SolvedEmbarrassing - :blush: - it turned out the javascript came from wrong source and was not updated so any console.log I inserted did not materialise since the old javascript source was not updated…