Ionic 5 - console.log in Android Emulator

I’m not seeing my console.log statements in the Android emulator, I’m pretty sure I was seeing them previously?

I have compiled and released a production version of the app since I was last debugging, is there something I need to do to see the console.log output again??

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Hello Mr. IonicGeoff,
Please open your emulator and type on terminal:

ionic cordova run android --livereload --consolelogs --serverlogs

also please check visual code Cordova Tools plugin. It shows all errors or console logs while you debug with it.
Cordova Tools:

Please write in more details if my post didn’t help you. :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much for the reply.

I should have mentioned it is a Capacitor app, if that makes a difference, and also I meant that I was debugging in Android Studio?

As I said, I’m pretty sure I was seeing the debug statements previously in Android Studio?

Dear again,
I took screenshot of Android studio for you. It works fine with mine. Please check “Debug” and “Logcat” at the bottom tabs of the Android Studio. Also, please compaire mine and your settings. You may hide console logs by clicking related button.

If my Reply doesn’t help you, please share some photos from android studio.


Sorry for delay in replying, I haven’t been able to do any debugging until now.

With your suggestions I am again seeing console.log output - thank you very much!

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Hello, I’m glad you solved the problem. Happy codings. :slight_smile:

Tnks so much for ur aswer, helped me a lot

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you can use chrome inspect to get console logs while debugging with emulator.
open chrome and enter following :


you can see ionic device listed in the devices and you can use inspect and check the console.logs


Wow, Thanks this works too. where did you get this? is this on the ionic doc? can you share the link?

Its not from ionic doc, I guess I read it somewhere in the stackoverflow. If you need more info check this or this