Unable to get push notification on real device



I am working to integrate push notification in my app using ionic, I followed tutorial and setup everything which is required.

.config([’$ionicAppProvider’, function($ionicAppProvider) {
// Identify app
// The App ID (from apps.ionic.io) for the server
app_id: ‘e022d262’,
// The public API key all services will use for this app
api_key: ‘a25e8a913917dbf1f9207fa1a56bcb92038037489204537a’,
dev_push: false

I tested with above (dev_push=true) parameter and I got inside app notification from ionic service but when I make it dev_push=false and check the status at server I don’t get any notification but when I check status I get following response.

Can anybody let me know what I am doing wrong ?


Hello favmate, did you pass this ? I have exactly the same situation at the moment.



Hello Everyone, I’ve got exactly the same issue, no problem receiving pushes with dev_push : true,
but in dev_push : false impossible to get something done.
I did the apple cert things 10 times.
What is wrong ??
The message status is always “sent”:1, “success” : true but nothing on my device …