Unable to Display In-App-Browser in Tab page


So i’m trying to display a website inside of a tabbed view app that i created using ionic creator.

When i launch the app i get all the tabbed views. Through a combination of google and youtube videos, i was able start displaying the website but when this happens i am no longer in the tabbed view, the app launches and it goes straight to the website.

This is the code that i used

export class HomePage implements OnInit {
// this tells the tabs component which Pages
// should be each tab’s root Page
url: string;
constructor(public navCtrl: NavController, private inAppBrowser: InAppBrowser){}ngOnInit() {

const options:InAppBrowserOptions =
   zoom :'no',
  location : 'no',
  toolbar : 'no'

    const browser = this.inAppBrowser.create("http://www.skyvertstudios.com/yaadi", '_self', options);


So i thought i did something wrong and i remove all those lines and the tabbed view comesback up perfect.
Does anyone know a solution to this problem?


Any assistance? Whats the point of having a forum if no one helps anybody!


Hi Leone, I understand your frustration when you didn’t get the help you wanted.

However there is still a point in having a forum, since it increases the chances you can get help about your issue, but still, it does not guarantee that your issue will be solved by someone.

Sorry about not having an answer for your specific problem.


Hi! did you find a solution for this? I have the same problem using ionic 4