Unable to debug from an Android phone

Hi All,

I am unable to debug my ionic app on an android phone. I have an RHEL host system on which I’ve a windows 7 virtual machine. My ionic development server runs on this virtual machine. I am able to ping the development server (which is on the windows kvm) from the RHEL host and am also able to telnet to port 8100 from the RHEL host; this confirms that the development server is accessible. I’ve also configured port forwarding in chrome (8080 With the android phone connected using usb, i ran the command ‘ionic run android -l -c’ but got the following error message 'net:: Err_connection_timed_out (http://:8100). I scourged the internet but could not get anywhere close to a solution and hence I would be grateful if you could help. The closest that I could get to is this http://alexbergin.com/2014/setting-ionic-linux-vm-windows-host
I also unsuccesfully tried to bridge the network from my RHEL host to the windows kvm
Thanks for your time and pls do let me know if any other information is required.

node version : 4.2.2
ionic version: 1.1.1
installed android studio in the windows kvm
verified the android device using ‘adb.exe devices’


did you find any solution for this, I am getting similar issue, my app runs fine on android emulator genimotion, but fails when I run it on device connected using USB, it throws err_connection_timedOut, I added a console.log immediately in $ionicPlatform.ready function, but it never gets logged on chrome remote dev console. I followed this, but no luck.

I got it working, instead of running using the command ‘ionic run android’, I used ‘cordova run android’ and it worked.