Uber integration

Hi all,

has anyone integrated Uber (the taxi service) into their app in one way or another? Would be interested in hearing your experience if you have done.

I’m about to start working on giving employees of a company the ability to book Uber taxi’s via the Ionic Framework based app I have been working on for them.

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I doubt many have tried with Ionic being only a year old! All it’d require is for yourself to get an access token to gain access to Uber’s API services.

Their documentation is pretty good!



Cheers Mat,

I’ve been messing around with the API for a week or so now, but it’s actually quite hard to get any answers from their side of things! As far as I am aware, there’s no real developer community, even though they link to stack overflow.

I’m looking to book jobs via the API without going anywhere near the Uber app, but I can’t tell definitely if it’s possible or not.

Have you figured out how to successfully implement a ‘Get a ride with Uber’ Button in your app?

The easiest way to do it is via deep linking and sending the user to the Uber app with some information (using the uber:// syntax)


In config.xml you will also need the following

<access origin="uber:*" launch-external="yes"/>

For what it’s worth it IS possible to book uber jobs without accessing the the Uber app at all, but I would recommend doing this via a server rather than directly from the app (that is, have the app make a server call, which in turn makes the Uber call)


I never noticed the deep linking stuff!! I don’t need to have a complicated integration with Uber, I intend to open the Uber app from my app, so this will work great! Much thanks for the advice.