Server Side for Ionic App

Hi, I’m not sure if this is the place to post this question, but I’ve been working on developing an app with similar functionality as Uber for my universities shuttle services. Our current project is getting peer to peer connections, basically the ability to request a ride on the client app, and access those requests from the driver app. We are pretty new to a lot of the concepts used in the ionic app development, and just need a suggestion in how to approach the server stuff. How to we setup a server, what do we need to get the server to do, and how do we go about getting app → server/server → app communications working. Any help would be fantastic, thanks!

The best way to do it, personally I think that is using communication via REST between app → server, and use push notifications to alert any change of state in client and driver apps.

  1. The client request a service through the app (ionic)
  2. The service is stored in DB (server)
  3. Server send a push to all drivers candidates (server → onesignal e.g)
  4. Driver App show push in the phone.
  5. Driver enter to the app and show list of pending services (ionic → server)
  6. Driver accept one service (save change state to server)
  7. Server send push to client with driver information

I hope it has been helpful to you