TypeError with Vue3/ionic6 : Photo Tutorial with deletePhoto

Hi, I’m following the tutorial for vue, and I’ve reached this page:
Rapid App Development with Live Reload | Ionic Documentation.

So far, I’ve been able to create the basic photo app, and see it work on my iphone device, via xcode.

But when I implement the “deletePhoto” function, the app still builds correctly and shows on the iphone, but when I click a photo, the showActionSheet method is called indeed, but I get an error in my xcode debug console.

The error is:

:zap: ------ STARTUP JS ERROR ------

:zap: TypeError: Type error
:zap: URL: capacitor://localhost/js/app.9b7aae75.js
:zap: app.9b7aae75.js:86:41108

:zap: See above for help with debugging blank-screen issues
:zap: [error] - {}

So my question is: how should I investigate this error? Where can I find the capacitor://localhost/js/app.9b7aae75.js file, should I even try to open it?

Note: the same code works on the web version (i.e., I can click a photo, and be presented with the choice: delete or cancel), it’s just the ios version that’s not working.

My code is basically the same as the one given in the tutorial.

if you are using live reload then you should be able to debug on the device to find the error and step through the code