@capacitor/camera errors

I’m adding camera functionality to my Ionic-Vue app, adapting the “build your first app” tutorial. I’m getting terminal warnings returned by ionic serve:

warning  in ./node_modules/@capacitor/camera/dist/esm/web.js
export 'CapacitorException' was not found in '@capacitor/core'
warning  in ./node_modules/@capacitor/camera/dist/esm/index.js
"export 'registerPlugin' was not found in '@capacitor/core'

and in the browser console a lengthy pair of errors that start with:

TypeError: Object(...) is not a function

I’ve narrowed the cause down to

import { Camera, CameraResultType, CameraSource, Photo } from '@capacitor/camera';

But I don’t quite know where else to go from here: I’ve reinstalled the plugins, but to no avail.

Any hints gratefully received.

Turns out I just had to npm install @capacitor/core@latest