Two ion-split-pane in parent-child pages

I’m currently trying to use two ion-split-components in different pages but showing at the same time (located both sides start and end) of course if there is enough room for both of them.
The main split-pane is located in at start side, the other one in at end side.
The pages are related as: (the parent) and (child of the’s child).

There is a strange behavior between both split-panes. In desktop version:

  1. Being at home and i navigate to, it loads the page and shows its splitpane but the main split pane (the one in the disappears.
  2. If I reload the both split-panes are visible correctly, but when i decrease the window’s width, they both disappears when the first one disappears (they have different when property).
  3. When i reload the with a window’s width small enough for both splitpanes are not-visible. Then i increase the width, the second split pane appears correctly. If i keep increasing the window’s width the main split pane appears but the secondary hides.

I’m using Ionic-CLI 6.10.1 and Angular 9.1.9

I’ve put an example code in Github hoping you can help me to figure out what am i missing or it is a bug.

I’ve placed a button on the main menu. If you click at it you will see the behavior #1 right away.