Display two ion-content side by side

hi, community,
I would display two ion-content just like :

I’m using virtual scroll
can someone provide the best approach, please?

Can u use grid? Just curious…

yeah, currently i’m test that ,but I don’t think it work ,
i’m not sure

What about using a Split Pane?

split Pane? i don’t have any idea about or how to integrate it?

Check the docs: ion-split-pane - Ionic Documentation

great, it’s work , thank you @EinfachHans
in addition, I’m making this and work for me :

<ion-split-pane contentId="main">
<ion-content style="width:50%;display:inline-block;">
 // your first list here
<ion-content style="width: 50%;display:inline-block;">
  // your second list here