Twilio Programmable Video and Ionic (HTML5/WebRTC)


Hey there! I have implemented the Twilio Programmable Video library with an Ionic project but I am seeing some oddies. When I test in browser using Ionic Serve everything is great, video/audio work, etc. When I build on an Android device I don’t see the video at all. The console doesn’t show any errors and the connection to Twilio succeeds so I am a bit confused and am hoping someone else has run into this.

I should note that I am using the Crosswalk plugin as a means to ensure that WebRTC is always available. Prior to using that plugin I would get errors saying localmedia was not accessible.

My source code can be viewed here:

Any insight would be much appreciated!


This turned out to be permission related and was easily solved by using the Cordova-Android-Permissions plugin which can be found here:

More info on how to use it here: