Tutorial starter link List to ItemDetailsPage not working

Hi, is there reason that in the ionic 2 starter tutorial the link from the demo list to the ItemDetailsPage is not working?
The link itself is out commented, but there seems something else missing to get it working.

I’ve some problems to understand the new ionic 2 structure and the tutorial is not helping me that far …

Thank you!

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Please post a link so we can check it.

In a meantime take a look at this link: http://www.gajotres.net/ionic-2-tutorial-lets-create-our-first-application/

It also covers Master Detail Pattern.

I’m not sure why it was commented out, but I have added it back in. The ItemDetailsPage wasn’t being imported so when you uncommented that code it was still throwing an error.

Relevant code:

import {ItemDetailsPage} from '../item-details/item-details';


  itemTapped(event, item) {

    console.log('You selected:', item.title);

     this.nav.push(ItemDetailsPage, {
       item: item

Github: https://github.com/driftyco/ionic2-starter-tutorial/blob/master/app/pages/list/list.js

Thank you for the help, unfortunately I’m still getting this error:

Uncaught EXCEPTION: Error during evaluation of "click"
ORIGINAL EXCEPTION: ReferenceError: ItemDetailsPage is not defined
ReferenceError: ItemDetailsPage is not defined

Edit: Don’T know why, but with ionic serve it’s going now!