Tutorial/Sample: Implement XWalk shouldInterceptRequest with Ionic

I’m trying to hook into the XWalkView’s shouldInterceptRequest but am unable to get the reference to the XWalkView inside the MainActivity.java.

Which XML file is the responsible one for the android layout of the IONIC app? Is it created dynamically or something?

In the end I hope to be able to do this:
mXWalkView = (XWalkView) findViewById(R.id.activity_main);


Or in other words: How do I get the main webview inside my MainActivity.java file?

There is R.id and R.layout but both don’t seem to have the web view listed.

The correct way is documented in this sample app I made: https://github.com/bitflower/IonicXwalkShouldInterceptRequestTest

The corresponding discussion can be found here: