Did anyone try Crosswalk or CocoonJS with Ionic?

Cordova uses the default WebView. Crosswalk and CocoonJS use Chromiun to render the app, which is said to improve speeds on Android. Did someone already try to port his app over and did some somparisons? CocoonJS is in private beta right now and the documentation to use Cordova apps with Crosswalk is… well… a little complicated (escpecially since I build my project with CLI and not with Eclipse).

I’ve never used crosswalk or cocoonjs but another option you could look at is this project

Also, I think out of the bag, if your targeting android 4.4, cordova will automatically use the chrome web view over the default.

Yes, Android 4.4 uses Chrome as default Webview

I’ve just ported over the Cordova project to use Crosswalk because I needed WebGL. Haven’t thoroughly tested but both WebGL and Ionic seem to work well.

Setup wasn’t too hard, was able to integrate pretty smoothly with the existing cordova project.

Is it worth the hassle or should one just wait until the 4.4 updates roll out to more phones?

For me it is. It solves a ton of the problems supporting 4.0 - 4.4 webviews and I needed WebGL. If you’re just targeting 4.4 and up then there’s probably no need because they run essentially the same webview.

I’ve just implemented crosswalk and it’s a huge difference on older phones as well as on kitkats, though marginal. Upside is you have the same webview on all phones, downside is that the size of the app grows quite a lot.

Anyone manged to build crosswalk with Android 4.0.3?

For me xwalk_core_library and Cordova does not build for Android 4.0.3 (API 15)

I tried


none of them are working,

It does build fine with Android 4.4.2 (API 19)

I tried webgl using threeJs in ios device, it works but i have bad performances…