Tutorial not working in visual studio 2015

Running the following command to start the ionic 2 tutorial.

ionic start MyApp tutorial --v2

I pull that project into visual studio 2015 using New Project form existing code -> apache/cordova.

I open app.js and i see errors on the constructor and the decorator.

  templateUrl: 'app/app.html'

Saying that the @ symbol is an invalid character.

constructor(app: IonicApp, platform: Platform) {

Essentially it is complaining about the typing. The errors are “expected )”, “expected (”… etc. If i remove “app:” and “platform:”, it will no longer have errors.

What can i do to fix these issues?

My npm global list:
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Temporarily unable to directly use the VS2015 start compile

you can write code with VS and using the command line compiler to run

Or fully used. TS encoding standard