Trying to use disqus with ionic, the links inside the disqus iframe wont open

So i’m loading in disqus as an iframe on my page and the frame loads without problems and it is showing the correct comments for the post etc, however if you try to click the login button on the frame or any of the other links in the frame they wont open. I’m using the inappbrowser to open all links on the page which works fine for everything except the iframe links.

The way i’ve gotten it explained to me thus far is that disqus is trying to open the link as a popupwindow(which it does if you run it in browser) however when you try to run it in android the popupwindow wont open up. I’ve been trying with different listeners on the iframe and listening to urlchanges but nothing seems to work. So does anyone have any idea on how i could solve this? I.e opening up links inside of a cross-domain iframe with the inappbrowser.