Problem with iFrame and link

Hey there guys,

I am developing an ionic app, where I will show some html content from my SQLite database. I tried to show those content on a div using $sce.trustAsHtml problem is CSS style within those content affecting whole app. Like app header, navigation changed. I have been searching for a solution everywhere and found a working idea using jQuery. So I created a iframe tag and pushing those content using jQuery.html(). It works fine just as I wanted, those content showing perfect without affecting app style.

Now the problem is all links within iframe opens inside iframe. Then I used target="_blank" on my anchor tag. Now links opening on blank page but in app. Means my app interface change with link. I used inappborwser, which actually doesn’t work for iframe. I want those links to open in system browser, not in my app.

Anyone knows, how to trigger all links within the iframe to open in system browser?

Thank you

It might be worth looking into our workaround, described over here: